Wooden Pebbles

They are effective on 2 levels – touch and energy.

Touch level effects - smooth and round/ oval surface enables massaging acupressure zones on hand and thus it supports the activity of the internal organs. Using 2 pieces develops motorics of hands and thus we exercise the forearm muscles.

Energy level effects - the healing energy of a tree the pebble is made of works here and this distinguish it essentially from other massaging products.

A device that acupuncturists use when identifying the state of meridians measured this harmonisation of energy tracks on hand.

A pebble is made from a massive piece of various types of wood. Untraditional production technology ensures that every single piece is original and that the energy of tree aura is high in quality and quantity.

We do not recommend exposing the pebbles to intensive heat, sun and water. The surface can be maintained by occasional spreading vegetable oil.