The Healing Energies of Trees

Locust - optimism; relieves stress; maintains high spirits, activity, good for energy

Pine tree - body clearance, releasing the fifth chakra, cure for air passage, good for spiritual balance

Birch - emotional clearance, higher and fine vibration tuning, composure, peace of mind

Beech - pure mind, inspiration, cures headaches and insomnia, helps to relieve stress, suitable for meditation

Oak tree - inner strength, self-confidence, security, suitable for meditation

Pear tree - cultivation of man’s energy, curing potency disorders, good for body clearance

Apple tree - longevity, fertility, woman’s principle, suitable for meditation

Ash tree - the character of water, good for economizing with water, good for will, relieves depressions, prosperity

Maple - longevity, helps to relieve fevers, cures swellings, alleviates emotions, cures insomnia, calms down children

Chestnut tree - stability, curing joints, vein pains; good for hair growing, prosperity

Lime tree - good for heart, helps to accept the world as it is, helps to forgive, good for regeneration

Alder - helps to relieve distress and pain, good for frigidity, renews energy, suitable for meditation

Walnut tree - good for mind, communication with higher being, suitable for meditation

Spruce - good for nervous system; vitality; good for rheumatism, backache and backbone

Plum tree - protection, expelling evil spirits, good for relationships

Cherry tree - cultivation of woman’s energy, healing effects, helps when tired, suitable for meditation