About me

Our aim is to present the natural beauty of wood without any colouring. We also put emphasis on healing effects of particular trees. Our untraditional production technology ensures that every single piece is original and that the energy of tree aura is high in quality and quantity.

Surfacing is carried out by oil, which is produced from raw materials such as flax oil.
However, the wooden boulders can be also impregnated with ether oils.
We are also able to provide other types of surfacing at customer’s request.

Our products are made from one piece of wood (compared to traditional cutting and subsequent sticking together methods), which can cause cracks on the surface.
Possible cracks are natural part of drying process.
Cracks on the surface do not affect the energy of trees.

We make original, handmade, mostly, wooden products, which should suit your home, catch your eye and please your soul.

Our company deals with wooden products ranging from pebbles, boulders, bowls and candlesticks to birds, copyright work, objects for interior, and salt lamps.